A Natural Way of Healing


Olaf Schulz-Lobeck

Olaf Schulz-Lobeck

Founder, Chairman

Mr. Schulz-Lobeck’s personal statement: The true value of life is in accomplishing meaningful deeds!

Olaf Schulz-Lobeck is a purpose-driven visionary and culturally sensitive entrepreneur with over 20 years of business experience in the leisure industry and a key focus on medical wellness, wellness, hospitality, and retail. Recognized for his strong strategic focus paired with tailor-made customer service and a deep understanding of market dynamics, Schulz-Lobeck has particular expertise in driving business growth, managing transformational change, and leading major structural development strategies.

Since 2009, Schulz-Lobeck has been developing and launching international medical wellness projects, including a collaboration with the long-standing managing director/shareholder of Lanserhof, Prof. Andreas Wieser, highly recommended F.X. Mayr physicians such as Dr. Udo Jakobitsch, awarding-winning architects, and medical wellness experts such Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven.

In China, Schulz-Lobeck managed the overall medical wellness concept development and implementation of the world-class Sangha Retreat by Living Octave (Suzhou), which opened in 2017.

Stacy Sun

Stacy Sun

Co-Founder, President

Ms. Sun’s personal statement: Happiness is not about wealth, power or position: it is about living in peace, joy and harmony!

A passionate, dream-driven entrepreneur, Stacy Sun focuses on the core competitiveness of business success, brand management, and continuous value creation.

After moving to the United States from China in 1994, she made a unique business footprint during her 20-year career in California. She founded the Asia-Pacific USA Chamber of Commerce, an NGO that bridged relations between business leaders in the US and China, and became the CEO/President of a Shanghai-based textile joint venture that launched its business in the US in 2008. An opportunity with the American film company DreamWorks brought Sun back to China in 2013 where she later met her future husband and business partner, Olaf Schulz-Lobeck.

Sun first experienced the F.X. Mayr Cure at the VIVAMAYR Altaussee in Austria after meeting Schulz-Lobeck who introduced her to the wellness philosophy. After they got married, Sun and Schulz-Lobeck decided to bring F.X. Mayr medicine and F.X. Mayr Retreats to China—an exciting next chapter in their lives that blends their entrepreneurial spirit, China’s boundless opportunities, and a focus on the importance of family life.

David L. Parker

David L. Parker

Board Member

Mr. Parker’s personal statement: As individuals, we are all endowed with talents and competencies. These gifts are meant for a greater good, to lift and strengthen others. And, as we so live, we meet the full measure of our creation, and thus become successful in life. As these principles are applied in business and we achieve success, we elevate our stewardship in service to others.

Parker is the General Partner of SRS Capital Partners (SRS), a strategic and financial advisory firm serving a highly select clientele of portfolio and non-portfolio companies, family offices and private individuals. With deep expertise in capital markets, entrepreneurship, corporate management and strategy, SRS draws heavily on Mr. Parker’s accomplishments during a career of more than forty years. Notable highlights include the development of a pioneering financial structure which culminated in funding more than US$60 billion of capital market debt and securities globally. Mr. Parker also has been the founder of two investment banks.

He graduated from Brigham Young in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science in Business. Married to his wife Lauren for forty-nine years, the Parker’s have six children and twenty-three grandchildren.


Steve W.  Harper

Steve W. Harper

Board Member

Mr Harper’s personal statement: Life has taught me that enduring relationships are more valuable than short-term economic gains; that long-term success cannot be separated from corporate and personal integrity; and that commitment to benefitting mutually with others is the surest foundation for true and lasting success.

Steve Harper is a Managing Partner of the New Horizon Real Estate Group, an Operating Partner in SRS Capital Partners and a Principal in SRS Family Office Partners. He has been active in Greater China for over thirty-five years and first entered the PRC in 1982. His professional qualifications include a wide range of expertise in international business, finance, real estate, corporate management and governance.

Harper holds a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in economics, summa cum laude, from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in international business from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business IBEAR Program.


Xiaoqiu Dong

Xiaoqiu Dong

Board Member

Xiao Qing Dong, Board Member/Vice President, is a highly experienced business executive with a focus on real estate development and finance, private equity, and finance investment.

With a proven track record of 20 years working in large corporations such as Yunnan An Sheng Chuang Xiang Investment Management Co., Ltd. and the Yunnan Metropolitan Construction Investment Group Co., Limited (YMCI), parent company of Yunnan Hot Spring Valley Real Estate Co., Ltd., Dong has become known for his sophisticated business thinking and planning. His ability to develop and manage large real estate projects, such as the Hot Spring Valley in the Chinese city of Kunming, has earned him accolades for his problem solving and finance skills.

With experience in both the finance and real estate sector, he has ample experience managing operational cash flow and long-term finance wellness for companies. Dong manages project development for F.X. Mayr Retreats and retreat funding planning.

Dr. med. univ. Stephan Domenig

Dr. med. univ. Stephan Domenig

Cooperate Director of Integrative Health Center

Dr. Domenig always wanted to understand and learn the principles of healing. After studying medicine in Graz, Austria and Cagliari, Italy, he pursued his post-doctoral training as a general practitioner in Austria followed by a one-year residency in Brazil. Always on the lookout for ways to promote health and fight disease, he began to focus his expertise on dietetics and fasting.

After his successful training in manual medicine, Dr. Domenig followed the teachings of diagnostics and therapy of the intestine pioneered by F.X. Mayr. This path initially led him to the renowned international VIVAMAYR Health Center on Lake Wörthersee where he worked for six years, most recently in the position of deputy medical director. During this time, Dr. Domenig completed his training portfolio with orthomolecular medicine, therapy, and diagnostics according to F.X. Mayr, functional myodiagnostics, and chronomedicine. In addition to working in naturopathy, he also served as an emergency physician, which was followed by another six years as medical director at the Original F.X. Mayr Health Center in Dellach am Wörthersee, the parent company of therapy according to F.X. Mayr. He also published four books in ten different languages, which reached over 170,000 readers.

To complement his focus on fasting medicine, Dr. Domenig currently works with the Stiegl brewery in Salzburg, Austria and, among other things, holds lectures on beer and health as part of the sommelier training program at the Austrian Brewing Union. He currently runs a private practice in Klagenfurt, Austria where he specializes in naturopathy and purging procedures.

Ryan Zhou

Ryan Zhou

Executive Assistant

Ryan is an enterprising young professional with keen interest in hospitality, wellness and interior design. 

Having studied in Europe and obtained his master’s degree from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, he is recognized as a quick learner and an effective team player, coupled with cross-cultural communication skills and in-demand soft skills. 

Ryan used to work as a professional EN<>CH conference interpreter and a CATTI certified translator (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters). He has worked with clients from all walks of life, from international organisation like the United Nations, Noble Prize laureates to government officials and most commonly, C-suite from the business world. He has earned great feedback from clients for his professionalism, Chinese business insights and going the extra mile’ service. 


Dr. med. uni. Alex Witasek

Dr. med. uni. Alex Witasek

Leading Medical Advisor

Since earning his doctorate in 1983, Dr. Alex Witasek has been working with F.X. Mayr Medicine. He is one of the most recognized and respected F.X. Mayr physicians in the world.

At the beginning of his career, Dr. Witasek had the good fortune of working with Dr. Erich Rauch in medical tourism in Austria. Afterwards, he became head physician at the Lanserhof Lans, a scientific advisor at the German Society for Anti-Aging Medicine, and owner of his private practice near Vienna.

Dr. Witasek is currently President of the International Society of F.X. Mayr Physicians, author, and publicist of numerous articles on the subject of regenerative medicine. He has also become one of the most highly regarded consultant in the arena of medical tourism.

Medical Doctor Meri Bura

Medical Doctor Meri Bura

Medical Advisor

Meri Bura is a Doctor of Medicine, the founder of Mulier Holistic Center (Croatia), creator of the Mulier Method, and a F.X. Mayr Physician at The Original F.X. Mayr Health Centre. At the same time, she is a member of the Health Tourism Community within the Croatian Chamber of Economy, a member of the Commission for Other Medical Activities at the Croatian Medical Chamber, and a member of the Croatian Association of Homeopaths.

Bura is a natural healing expert who offers a personalized combination of scientific and holistic methods. Her primary focus is on thyroid health, body detoxification, weight loss, and fatigue syndromes.

She is also an experienced homeopath, Neuro-Linguistic Programming  (NLP ) therapist and associate trainer, yoga instructor, and practitioner of individual therapies such as Ayurveda (152 movements), Raindrop & Vitaflex, Traditional Thai Massage, Aroma Massage, and Reflexology.

Stacy Sun

Stacy Sun

Family Therapist

Stacy Sun redirected her career focus after ten years to concentrate on how childhood shapes an adult’s life. In 2006, she started participating and following the training of several internationally renowned life coaches and spiritual teachers, including Tony RobbinsEckhart Tolle, and Neale Donald Walsh who focus on childhood wounds, adult healings, and romantic relationships.

Beginning in 2012, she realized her calling and redefined her purpose in life as a child educator and therapist for children and families rather than a businesswoman. Sun is known for her nonviolent approach and her passion for children. Recently she published her 13-step education program online. Her community is growing constantly, and Sun is collaborating with schools, kindergartens, and education institutes.

Wendy Sanders

Wendy Sanders

Architectural Advisor, Designer

Wendy Saunders was born and raised in Bruges, Belgium and comes from a family of craftsmen. Her influences are varied, ranging from the nuances of street life in China to the construction of a well-made chair, the visceral smell of leather, the sensation that a material evokes, and the impression of space both externally and on our mental maps.

She graduated with a Master of Architecture in Ghent, Belgium and practiced for 10 years in top design offices in Amsterdam before coming to China in 2004. Saunders’ design philosophy is direct, powerful, and punctuated by a sense of humor, beauty, and daring.

  • Fushengyu Hotspring Resort, Hotel & Resort Category, WAF 2016
  • Architizer A+ Award, 2016 shortlisted, Fushengyu Hotspring Resort
  • WIN (World Interior News), 2016 shortlisted, SOHO Guanghua Road 3Q
  • WAF (World Architectural Festival), 2018 Finalist, HARMA
Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester

Culinary Advisor, Executive Chef

Simon Winchester’s international culinary career spans over two decades and includes experience in both Michelin-star restaurants and 5-star luxury hotels. During his experience as a chef, Winchester worked in Europe, the Caribbean, North Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Mainland China.

Winchester’s culinary experiences include managing hospitality operations around the world and establishing award-winning fine dining restaurants. He also supervised all the culinary components of the first-of-its-kind development project for Sangha Retreat by Octave(Suzhou), which opened in 2017, and the Living Room by Octave in Shanghai. His most recent project was the Mondrian Hotel in Qatar.

An avid marathon and ultra-marathon runner, Winchester’s aim is to give people the opportunity to choose a lifestyle and diet that meets their everyday needs and access to a new skill set and palette from which to work.

arteprevent The modern Art of Healthcare

arteprevent The modern Art of Healthcare

Owner Dr. med. uni. Alex Witasek

The Modern Art of Healthcare

Arteprevent Health Consulting, Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Dr. Med. Alex Witasek. As the company’s head and CEO, Witasek has more than 30 years of experience with private health centers and medical wellness resorts. The group is dedicated to the conception and development of bespoke high-end health resorts and centers around the world. These centers interweave traditional natural medicine with the latest science of university-based medicine in the fields of preventative health and treatment of chronic illnesses and diseases. Guests of Arteprevent’s health resorts benefit from receiving holistic medical treatments in a gorgeous vacation atmosphere with the very best service, hospitality, high-end diagnostics, intelligent combinations of treatments, and private consultations. The centers also boast highly trained therapists and hotel staff as well as a unique selling point for the medical wellness resort. Investors and operators will be pleased by the consistent profits. 

Arteprevent Health Consulting, Ltd. not only offers medical concepts with an operating manual, but it grants the best training for all the staff, from the physicians and therapists to the cooks and marketing department. PR articles, speeches, symposiums, and videoclips help spread the group’s message and brand.



Principals Wendy Sanders & Vincent de Graaf

AIM Architecture 

Founded by Wendy Sanders and Vincent de Graaf in 2005, AIM is a Shanghai-based studio, which designs and manages a substantial number of projects throughout China and Southeast Asia.

AIM is inspired by the fine line between vision and practically. The journey from a concept to the final product unfolds with careful consideration, devotion to quality, and an ability to see small details within the bigger picture. With more than 10 years in Shanghai, AIM understands the complexity of building in Asia. With experience in different scales of design, architecture, and urban planning, AIM appreciates projects that combine all of these aspects. AIM enjoys collaborating across different fields, which results in more complete and integrative projects.

At AIM, process is part of the purpose!

AIM is comprised of a passionate and international group of urban planners, architects, and designers who understand the value of the design process and the importance of context. With a team of 40 people from 10 different countries, the group is culturally sensitive and can adapt to diverse contexts.

OCT Innovation &#038; Research Institute

OCT Innovation & Research Institute

President Mr Chongguang Xu, Vice President Mr. Haiwen Yang

Partner: OCT Alliance of Planning & Design

OCT Innovation & Research Institute was established on February 12, 2018.

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by OCT Group to achieve the strategic goal of a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, based on the innovative development model of ‘culture + tourism + urbanization’ and ‘tourism + internet + finance’. It is a professional organization that undertakes OCT projects’ planning and coordination, innovation incubation, product control, and alliance management responsibilities.

With the mission of innovative research and think tank construction, it is the platform to support the Group’s strategic implementation and innovation development.