The F.X. Mayr House™
Sep 02, 2019
F.X. Mayr Management, F.X. Mayr Cure

The F.X. Mayr House™

By Olaf Schulz-Lobeck

The F.X. Mayr House: your social headquarters featuring the F.X. Mayr Cure

Imagine a place where people really care about you. Where people want to help you become the best person you can be. Where people enjoy making you happy by taking hospitality to the max.

Welcome to the F.X. Mayr Houses where your health and wellness are taken seriously. A place where you can savor enriching culinary, social, and lifestyle experiences. A personal retreat as well as a social space where members can host their families or guests, these centers also offer opportunities to connect with like-minded people and practice the F.X. Mayr philosophy.

What’s so special?

At F.X. Mayr Houses, we understand every challenge you’re facing in your busy life. In an era when people’s lives are constantly changing, new technology is impacting our lifestyle, the pressure our performance-driven society increases demands on our time and health, and the emphasis on youth, vitality, and beauty seems ever greater, there is a vital need for people to find solitude, balance, and an authentic “third space.  A space beside your home and work where you can experience a transformative sense of self, identity and relation to others.

The F.X. Mayr Houses offer you this “third space”- a place that promotes the power of kindness embedded in an energetically designed environment. A transparent place with the only intention of serving you so that you can walk away with a rejuvenated body, transformed mental outlook, and healthier habits for you, your family, and your friends. A place that will enrich your quality of life now and well into the future. A place where the F.X. Mayr philosophy is embraced in every detail.

So how about meeting your new friends at one of our bars, restaurants, or events? Have a meeting at one of our business centers or simply take a nap in one of our cozy relaxation areas. Imagine our team members welcoming you with smiles, greeting you by your name, and doing everything within their power to help you escape the daily “hustle and bustle” of modern life. After your stay at F.X. Mayr Retreats, you will be equipped to achieve your new goals and daily habits.

It’s all about you!

Why a private membership club? We provide you with a welcoming atmosphere that showcases the values of the F.X. Mayr philosophy. You can use our clubs to focus on your health or for leisure and your personal enjoyment. Most importantly, we protect your privacy while connecting you with like-minded people. When you surround yourself with people who share your values and goals, you are more likely to achieve long-lasting results and be your best possible self. Let us help you in this exciting journey.

How do I join?

To guarantee a smooth operation, provide exceptional service, and connect you with like-minded members, we use a selection process. First of all, to protect your privacy, we will have no “sales tours” during our F.X. Mayr House operation hours. Non-merbers are not allowed to enter the facility, except when they are your guest and we have the capacity to welcome them.

We use two different application systems. In one case, prospective members will be recommended by an existing member, and in the other case, prospective members will be totally new to the F.X. Mayr community. The main difference will be the application period during which existing members can intervene. Why?

In our experience, to achieve our goal of satisfied long-lasting members, the community should have a say in who can join.