China’s HNWIs – Your Journey with Us
Feb 18, 2021
F.X. Mayr Management, F.X. Mayr Cure

China’s HNWIs – Your Journey with Us

Disclaimer: this is an article based on the 2020 China HNWIs Health Investment Report, developed by Cigna & China Merchants Bank (Cigna & CMB) in collaboration with Business Management Review and Hurun Report.

2020 has been a year of special significance for China’s high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) as in such turbulent economic environment, uncertainty brings opportunities as well as anxiety. With a slew of property income and constantly seeking wealth security, Chinese HNWIs are wondering to what extent these series of changes will influence their investment attitudes toward wealth and health? and what changes will happen to their outlook on wealth and health in the post-Covid-19 era?

HNWIs surveyed this time shows such characteristics as ‘young’, ‘well-educated’, ‘internet’, and ‘tech’. Among them, many are ‘tech riches’ and have secured their ‘first pot of gold’ from the internet and technology industries. Data suggests that their household net worth has averaged over RMB 77 million (about $11.9m), with a majority of them, that is 58.8 per cent of wealthy Chinese, owning from RMB 10 to 50 millions of household net asset.

Already wealthy, they have grown more discerning about how to secure their money and how to maintain personal wellbeing. According to the survey, their views of health have changed significantly, from being wealth-driven to pursuing physical health, to pursuing mental health and eventually, to a harmonious family, formulating a comprehensive outlook on health.

The report has also indicated that eight-tenths of China’s wealthy suffer from health problems, hoping to have access to qualified and reliable medical services. 11.6 per cent of HNWIs choose to seek medical treatment abroad when they are not satisfied with domestic ones, suggesting that overseas medical treatment has become an important supplementary channel for some HNWIs. Medical tourism (27.7%), medical examination (18.7%) and chronic disease treatment (15.6%) represent three major needs for overseas medical services.

During the pandemic, HNWIs’ needs for domestic and overseas medical services were adversely affected, with examination and treatment plans being disrupted. However, according to the qualitative study conducted in the report, reservations of overseas medical institutions continued to accumulate in the meantime, meaning that overseas medical services will remain an important option.

Qualitative research also shows that HNWIs generally have a demand for family doctors and prefer professional medical service providers. Despite the lack of medical information and awareness of health management, they find themselves in a dilemma to balance the professionalism of top-notched public hospitals against the high-quality services of private ones.

In this regard, HNWIs demand for one-stop health solutions, and prefer integrated customized services that range from consultation, prevention, physical examination, medical treatment to wellness, covering both domestic and overseas medical travels.

Originating from Austria, F.X. Mayr offers HNWIs a cutting-edge solution. In everything we do, our belief in challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box shows. We blaze new trails by promoting ongoing development and innovation in comprehensive holistic health, well-being, education, and green sustainable building. We believe that easy access to healthy living, mind-body-spirit practices, and holistic medical treatments will cultivate conscious inquiry and successful relationships with ourselves as well as our families, friends, and communities. Our collection includes:

  • The F.X. Mayr Retreat, as our core program, is located within each ecological wonderland. Every boutique retreat is in easily accessible, highly qualified, and unspoiled regions that promote integrative medicine and emotional well-being.
  • The F.X. Mayr House, our urban private membership wellness clubs and local social hotspot, offers customized hospitality to the max giving “24/7” support for individuals and families to implement and maintain customized, sustainable plans for healthy lifestyles and enjoyment.
  • The F.X. Mayr Community, a smart-holistic “Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate Concept” aims at bringing positive health benefits and an integrated social well-being experience and lifestyle to their residents.
  • Always located near a F.X. Mayr Retreat, the F.X. Mayr Farmhouse provides visitors with all the ingredients for an authentic Mayr “farm to table” culinary experience.
  • The F.X. Mayr Island Lodge is a place that gives customers freedom, complete privacy, extraordinary experiences, and bespoke service that is perfectly personalized to their personal preferences.

Today, our pace rises—the competition at work, the number of emails in our inbox, social obligations, and pressures surrounding work-life balance… Increasingly, the aging process comes with chronic illnesses. High cholesterol, adult-onset diabetes, and dementia are just the tip of the iceberg. As many as 60 to 70 percent of these health issues are caused by an individual’s lifestyle: too much stress, insufficient exercise, smoking, and overeating or junk foods are some of the main culprits. Based on a holistic concept comprised of nutrition, movement, and treatments, the internationally acknowledged F.X. Mayr Cure uses a cutting-edge ‘body-mind-soul-social’ approach where physicians and therapists develop customized programs specifically for individual needs to achieve a well-functioning digestive system. In addition, the F.X. Mayr Cure’s special focus on the ‘inner cleansing’ of the digestive systems is particularly suitable for treating chronic diseases in today’s society.