The F.X. Mayr Retreat™
Sep 04, 2019
F.X. Mayr

The F.X. Mayr Retreat™

By Olaf Schulz-Lobeck

Immerse, let go, and indulge. Step into the exclusive world of relaxation, healing, and empowerment. Be surrounded by your peers. Be supported by the very best in holistic medical care.

You’re invited to experience The F.X. Mayr Retreat luxurious suites sequestered within boutique ecological wonderlands. Easily accessible yet worlds away, our retreats offer lush green landscapes and an optimal environment for you to focus on healing and cultivating emotional well-being.

At each retreat, you will undoubtedly enjoy your stay but also walk away with a rejuvenated body, transformed mental outlook, and healthier habits for yourself, your family, and your friends. Your quality of life will be enriched in the moment and well into the future.

The F.X. Mayr Retreat: Rendering Bay View

The F.X. Mayr Detoxification Cure is the standout medical program among all The F.X. Mayr Retreats. By using a cutting-edge “body-mind-soul-social”approach, the program integrates your individual living conditions to design a prevention, healing, and regeneration plan just for you.

At F.X. Mayr, we understand the dynamics of your demanding days and the damage stress can inflict on your body, mind, and daily life. As a consequence of the increasing demands of our performance-driven society, we can start to show symptoms such as body pain, memory loss, fatigue, indigestion, insomnia, a weakened immunity system, headaches, and dizziness.

F.X. Mayr Retreat: Rendering Bird View

Digestive System: The mother of almost all diseases

Individual health and well-being are universal desires shared by people across all ages, incomes, beliefs, cultures, and continents. The wish to be free of diseases, to age well as we live longer, and to enable our minds, bodies, and spirits to fulfill their potential are as old as civilization itself.

Democritus wrote in 450 BC: “Humans implore the gods for health. However, they do not think of the fact that the preservation thereof lies in their own hands. Their excessiveness makes them traitors of their own health.” Nowadays, his words still ring true:

  • prevention is better than cure
  • good health can’t be bought
  • a physician can never give us good health
  • we are responsible for earning our good health, either through our own efforts or by working with experts
  • we cannot achieve any basic improvement in our health as long as we maintain bad habits
  • lifestyles and eating habits are largely determined by our physical condition.; we decide the fate of our health trajectory

Traditional Chinese Medicine says: “The stomach is the center of life. A hundred diseases are rooted there. Healing always requires the patient’s cooperation.”

With his diagnostic of a good health philosophy Dr. F.X. Mayr discovered that chronic digesting damage makes a person sick, prematurely old, and unattractive.

Mayr medicine mixes alternative, comprehensive medicine with customized holistic treatments to align with your individual needs and expectations.

What’s different?

To provide the best possible immediate and long-lasting results, we at F.X. Mayr have established a service culture like you’ve never experienced before. Our focus is on you. We avoid unnecessary complexity. Simplicity is our approach. If you wish, we will manage your entire journey so that you only need to pack your suitcase and bring yourself.

Please note that if it’s your first body cleansing or your digestive system conditions are not ideal, we recommend you stay at our retreat for at least 12 to 14 days. This way, you will achieve the best possible results and learn how to integrate your achievements into your daily life.

People without any F.X. Mayr Detoxification Cure experience may think 12 to 14 days sound like way too many. But just think, are 14 days out of the whole year really so many if they make you feel happier, more agile, and more attractive as well as help you to fight diseases and live longer? We think it’s worth it.