F.X. Mayr Management
Jun 11, 2019
F.X. Mayr, F.X. Mayr Cure

F.X. Mayr Management

By Olaf Schulz-Lobeck

In everything we do, our belief in challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box shows. We blaze new trails by promoting ongoing development and innovation in comprehensive holistic health, well-being, education, and green sustainable building. We believe that easy access to healthy living, mind-body-spirit practices, and holistic medical treatments will cultivate conscious inquiry and successful relationships with ourselves as well as our families, friends, and communities.


Established in 2016 by Stacy Sun and Olaf Schulz-Lobeck, the F.X. Mayr Management is the first and the only medical wellness operator in Greater China that provides an internationally acknowledged medicine. The Austrian Mayr Medicine, with its mix of alternative and comprehensive medicine combined with holistic treatments, offers individually designed treatment protocols. Treatment provides fast, long-lasting results that align with our guests’ needs and expectations. In addition, the detoxification F.X. Mayr Cure, with its special focus on the “inner cleansing” of the digestive systems, is particular suitable for treating chronic diseases such as food intolerances, rheum, tension headaches, and migraines.



  • Vision

F.X. Mayr strives to demonstrate leadership, social responsibility for a sustainable way of living that includes prevention, regeneration, rejuvenation of our comprehensive health, and social well-being, and sustainable practices that will benefit the planet.

Guiding Principal: “We make doing good feel good.”
  • Mission

F.X. Mayr is a lifestyle company that promotes the joy of life and helps individuals to flourish by reaching their true potential. F. X. Mayr enables personal transformation through holistic healing, well-being, and mindfulness customized around each individual’s lifestyle.

Guiding Principal: “Ensure your actions align with the permanence of genuine human life on earth.”
  • Value

Mayr Medicine has been developing and perfecting itself over the last 100 years, through consistent engagement with local and overseas markets, and by responding to people’s unique needs and using up-to-date medical solutions with proven records for preventing and curing common lifestyle diseases in Europe, Central and North America, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and India.

Mayr Medicine understands the needs and desires of modern time, and also speaks this “language” in contrast to older traditional alternative systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Guiding Principal: “Health is less a condition than an attitude that flourishes with the joy of living.”

The Situation

The velocity of the society rises in the eyes of the population more and more, the working pressure increases and the number of different options for each decision in life overwhelms individuals in addition.

Constantly changing life situations and lifestyles as well as the inclusion of external environmental toxins, noise ensure syndromes e.g. exhaustion, listlessness and diseases such as diabetes, allergies, insomnia and increase risk of stroke, heart attack and cancer.

The social trend towards a sustainable lifestyle is a personal question of the individual lifestyle and responsibility. The performance-oriented society demands power, vitality, inner-balance and youthfulness.

The Challenge

Although most Chinese people would agree that there has never been more opportunity or freedom to pursue one’s capitalistic dreams, the process of adjusting to life in the new economy, its shifting demands, and the plethora of possibilities is also wreaking havoc on China’s social structure.

China is experiencing a rapid epidemiological transition. The incidence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD – chronic diseases) has risen sharply and is estimated to result in 85% of all deaths in China. Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and chronic respiratory diseases account for the major causes of death in China, both in urban and rural areas. Behavioural risk factors for NCDs, such as tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, a diet high in salt, sugar, and fat, and physical inactivity are common lifestyle issues that stem from socioeconomic development.

The Solution

The solution are holistic, sustainable lifestyle medical wellness facilities feature exclusive experiences enhanced by energy-organized architecture. Customized, cutting-edge “bio-psycho-social programs” are at the heart of our “integrative health centers,” which are commercially known as The F.X. Mayr Retreats™ and The F.X. Mayr Club™.

Our guests walk away with a rejuvenated body, transformed mental outlook, and healthier habits for themselves, their families, and their friends, which enriches their quality of life now and well into the future.