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F.X. Mayr Management is thrilled to announce our new project: the Hideaway Mayr Wellness & Sport™ embedded in our F.X. Mayr Community™ located in Wencheng at Tongling Mountain. January 11th 2023, the company signed the respective Project Entry Agreement and the Technical Services Agreement with the owner and local government. The project's kick-off will be March 20233.

A Natural Way of Healing

China’s Leader in Innovative and Preventative Medical Wellness

Welcome to the world of F.X Mayr, where your health and wellness are taken seriously. A place where you can savour enriching culinary, social, and lifestyle experiences. Your third place is where you can meet like-minded people and practice the F.X. Mayr philosophy.

“Life is a balance between letting go and holding on. There is a time to hold on, and then there comes a time to let go and release. The very act of releasing is powerful – it leads to healing, helps recharge your energy, and puts things into perspective.”

Rumi (Jalaluddin Muhamad Balkhi)

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